Colchester Chiropractic Centre specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of problems in the spine, nerves, joints and muscles

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Are you in pain and fed up of taking medication?

Colchester Chiropractic Centre specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of problems in the spine, nerves, joints and muscles. Our aim is to reduce pain, restore functionality and promote long term health, using gentle, proven techniques including chiropractic adjustments, IQ therapy, ultrasound therapy and rehabilitation techniques. Our team of chiropractors always aims to provide the best quality treatment for our patients and we are all registered with the General Chiropractic Council and the British Chiropractic Association.

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A Natural Approach to Spinal Health

What We Treat

We treat a range of problems including back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, trapped nerves and muscle spasms.

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How We Treat

We use safe and effective treatments including chiropractic adjustments, IQ Therapy and rehabilitation techniques.

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After an accident I was not able to stand up straight or walk without pain. I went to see Dr Callegari and after one adjustment I walked out of the clinic upright. A few treatments later my backache was completely gone. The experience I had at Colchester Chiropractic Clinic was professional and beneficial. I would recommend them to anyone!



I have used the services of Colchester Chiropractic Centre for a number of years and always found them to be extremely professional but most importantly, they have always managed to diagnose me correctly and fix my problem. I would always recommend them!



I brought my young daughter into Colchester Chiropractic Centre to see Dr Miles. After a thorough consultation and examination she has responded well to treatment.
I would strongly advise any parent with any concerns to contact the clinic. 

Clare (a grateful parent)


As a sufferer of lower back pain for more than 10 years, I can honestly say chiropractic has been one of the only things I’ve found to help alleviate pain in the long term. From helping with getting me out of acute pain as well as offering advice and support around lifestyle changes and exercise to keep my back strong. It’s been amazing.



I went to Colchester Chiropractic Centre initially to get better after a lower back injury at work. Since then I’ve also used chiropractic for ankle injuries and neck problems with exactly the same amazing results. Highly recommend!


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